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complete concussion care – when a concussion is suspected


Sideline Assessment

  • The post injury sideline assessment must be completed by a person trained in concussion recognition and treatment.
  • If a concussion is suspected the athlete should be “immediately” removed from play. In most cases once removed from play, the player will NOT return to full activity for a minimum of one week.
  • Immediate, emergency professional consultation may be required depending on the severity of the injury.
  • Athlete (and parent) instructed to “shut down” until symptom free, Step 1 of Return to Play protocol.

Immediate Post Injury

  • A visit to one of our concussion specialist physician is scheduled through Panno Medical Inc.
  • A brief history of the mechanism of injury and the signs and symptoms are collected by Panno Medical Inc. and along with the medical history and the pre-season testing results everything is forwarded to physician.
  • Physical assessment and SCAT 2 testing completed by physician.
  • Physician determines course of action for treatment.

Once Athlete is Symptom Free

  • ImPACT Post Injury test administered by Panno Medical Inc.
  • Pre-season and post injury testing results forwarded to physician.
  • Physician determines course of action for treatment.

Six Step Return to Play Protocol

  • Physician gives athlete written permission to begin the Return to Play protocol and forwards written notification to Panno Medical Inc.
  • Panno Medical Inc. schedules time with the athlete to begin Step 2 of Return to Play protocol – Light aerobic exercise.
  • If no symptom are generated within 24 hours of Step 2 athlete can progress to Step 3 of Return to Play protocol – sports specific activities.
  • If no symptoms are observed within 24 hours following completion of Step 3 the athlete can proceed to Step 4 – drills without body contact.
  • If athlete successfully completes Step 4 without a return of symptoms they may continue to Step 5 – drills with body contact.
  • Finally, if the athlete can complete Step 5 they can then be scheduled to see the physician for a final assessment and written permission to return to play.
  • If any signs or symptoms are manifested during the return to play process, the player must return to previous Step and remain symptom free before graduating.
  • A post injury ImPACT test is scheduled with Panno Medical Inc. so that the pre and post concussion results can be forwarded to the concussion specialist physician for review.

Return to Play Granted by Physician

  • Final results of Return to Play assessment along with all ImPACT tests are forwarded to physician for review prior to appointment date.
  • Final visit to physician for written permission to return to play.


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