Oct 15

Hockey Tournament Medical Services

The Ontario Minor Hockey Association OMHA website  lists more than 200 hockey tournament scheduled from September 2015 to April 2016. That’s a lot of hockey. Factor in the Greater Toronto Hockey Association (GTHL), Northern Ontario Hockey Association, Ontario Womens Hockey Association, charity and adult league tournaments you know that Ontario is hockey crazy.

Every tournament organizer wants their event to run smoothly and safely. But in hockey, like most sports, there is always a chance of injury. From minor bumps and bruises to serious injuries like concussions quick diagnosis, care and treatment of all injuries, minor or serious, becomes a foremost concern of tournament organizers.

Since tournament organizers don’t always have the needed trained personnel to provide these services, Panno Medical is often the medical services provider of choice. Panno has a network of fully qualified paramedics, trainers and athletic therapists suited for your particular tournament gear to any level of competition.

Panno Medical can assist tournament organizers to map out a medical services plan tailored to their specific needs. From a trained first aid specialist to a full paramedic team Panno can fulfill your needed requirements.

For specific questions regarding hockey tournament services, please contact Panno Medical.