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Smarter, Safer Concussion Management for Student and League Athletes

Panno Medical Inc. is now offering a new Complete Concussion Care Program for athletes who compete in contact, limited contact and non-contact sports at the high school and or league level. Concussion prevention, awareness and treatment is a big part of all sports programming today. It has been reported that ten percent of athletes who compete in contact sports will receive a concussion within a playing season. We expect this number to increase as more and more people become familiar with mechanisms of injury and the common signs and symptoms of concussions.

Preseason concussion education for players, coaches, parents and staff

  • Basic information about concussions signs, symptoms and recovery
  • Risks of returning to play too early

Baseline testing with ImPACT

  • Athletes take a pre-season computerized test to establish their baseline level of memory, reaction time and processing speed
  • ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing)

Panno can provide your School or Team(s) with the ImPACT test at a location and time that is convenient for the Athletes, Coaches and Parents

  • Panno will send one of our representatives to provide information to the Athletes, Coaches and Parents about concussions, and then administer the ImPACT test to the athletes

Return-To-Play Decision Support

  • Panno has established a team of Sports Physicians, located throughout the GTA and surrounding area to decide when an athlete who has had a concussion and is ready to return to play
  • Panno can provide your School or Association with a program with clear guidelines that support timely and safe return to play so that school administrators, athletic departments and families can feel greater confidence in these decisions

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PANNO can implement this program with your team NOW or for your next season, call now and book us in!

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