Nov 01

On Site Medical Coverage for High School Athletics

Participation in activities, including secondary school athletics, benefits student athletes by serving as an addition to a well rounded education program. High school athletics teaches valuable lessons in fair play, team work and promotion of continued success in later life. However, many of these activities involve the risk of injury.

Ensuring that young athletes receive consistent and adequate medical care while participating in high school sports activities is key to reducing the risk of injury and, when injury does occur, enables the athlete to return to pay safely.

Among the things which increase the anxiety level of parents of children playing contact or collision sports, or any sport for that matter, is the fact that many high school programs did not employ certified athletic trainers who have received training in treating sports injuries, including heat illness, spine and neck injuries, and in recognizing the signs or symptoms of a concussion.

Few secondary schools in Ontario have athletic trainers on staff. The funding for providing in-school athletic trainer is just not there. However there is still a need for such services to provide a safe environment for high school athletic participation.

From high impact sports like football, rugby and hockey, to less intense sports like volleyball, basketball and gymnastics, all these and other sports carry the potential risk of injury.

Panno Medical has the well trained staff required to ensure a healthy and safe environment for student athletes.

Contact Panno Medical for more information about services to provide your high school the quality medical coverage your athletes need and deserve.