Dec 15

Tournament Medical Services

When planning a tournament, large or small, the health and safety of your participants is an important aspect. As the tournament organizer you are responsible for protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone participating in your tournament. Panno Medical can ensure that your tournament is adequately staffed with the right professionals to address onsite medical needs that may arise.

The Panno Medical team provides a wide range of quality on-site medical services ranging from basic first aid to comprehensive paramedic services.

The sport type of tournament helps in determining which type of medical service is most relevant to your tournament. Is there intense physical contact such as hockey, football or rugby? Or is there a lesser degree of need such as racquet sports, swimming and golf? In either case as the skill and age level of your tournament increases so does the need for professional medical services.

Panno Medical will assist you in determining which services fit your specific tournament needs. Provide an action plan and the qualified personnel to support your tournament participants. All of our staff are qualified in injury assessment, emergency life support, recognition and management of acute injuries, first aid treatment, and where appropriate, utilization of techniques to ensure a safe return to play.

Panno Medical has the well trained staff required to ensure a healthy and safe environment for tournament participants.

Contact Panno Medical for more information about our tournament services designed to provide you with quality medical coverage your tournament needs and deserve.